Echo Agent Sentry not appearing when the Game starts

Maybe you should change the sentry’s team.
Would that work? Are all of the sentries on the same team?

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No it’s not there even when i change it back to the Basic Sentry skin

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All sentry’s are on Team Sentry

try getting rid of the lifecycle and setting it back to active on game start

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Yes, it could be a glitch or it might be something that is happening in the GKC.

Nope, not working at all

I guess email and see what they can do.
Dang! Sentries are still messing up after that update ages ago!!! :roll_eyes:

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I emailed them 3 weeks ago and no reply at all

So this has been going on for that long?
Wow, that’s weird. Well, maybe try emailing them again?
Or–I’m sorry, but if none of these things work, I don’t know what to do. :pensive:

1st it was the End of Game widget than it was the Sentry not showing up i’m gonna try troubleshooting to see what’ll happen

Do that, and maybe come back here and tell us what happened.
It might be more easy from there.

Yes, I thought emailing was worth a shot!

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Oh, oops. I just saw it now knowing it is not working.

I moved it and it appears when game starts!

Oh, well, maybe that’s what you had to do.
Has your issue been fixed?, @FAST_Developer

My issue has been fixed @California_Love

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I just marked a solution

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Alright. Glad it worked out for you! :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: I’m glad it did @California_Love

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