Easier weapon upgrader

OK, make sure you get this. Creative map. The idea is if you get 5 knockouts you get an uncommon weapon, 15 kills rare weapon, 25 kills epic weapon, and 40 kills’ LEGENDARY weapon. We have a way to do this already, but it is SEVERLY complicated, and it would be nice if we could have a simple way to do this. Anyone up for the challenge?

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Is it okay if you change the title to something more helpful and on topic to what you want like “easier weapon upgrader”? Because with the current title, it sounds like you’re trying to make some sort of new weapon…

I actually have a system like that, but instead of kills, it’s based on how many of a specific item you get and you unlock something with it.

Ok, is there any way that you could change it to kills somehow, and then send the link to your post? Or is that option not available to you in the sense it would not be possible.