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Let’s get started! First you want to find a suitable platform,for the sake of this guide we will be using kelki and starting off with a base. Step one is complete, the second step will start. You want to decide which theme your thumbnail has and what gims are on it, now you want to start drawing your gims and land. Shading: shading is the art of having shadows and if you don’t have a sun you still can add shading. Add as much shading as you want. You want the shade color to be slightly darker than the original color. Make sure to add a low opacity black behind the Gim as well. Now comes the credits, title, and special effects. For the credits and title select a font and put your title pretty big in the center and put the credits smaller and in the corners. Special affects including dragging colors around to make a swirly rainbow color and much more!

Hopefully you can make thumbnails now!

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This a great guide! Two problems tho :C 1, it’s a bit short 2, this already a guide sadly.

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…There are WAY too many thumbnail guides already.
And, no offense, but the other ones are more high-quality and descriptive.


Awwww, hopefully it doesn’t get flagged, (don’t you dare flag warriors)

Ok, off topic here but can you get on the Gim Studios Dev Moyai?

Kelki.com is car insurance?


Uhhh what the VoidFluffy

he probably meant kleki.com

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Yes, that one that I totally put there

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