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Nice mini-guide! Maybe you could use counters in some way instead of using details? (In a worse way)

I’m only saying this because I haven’t ever used properties.

No offense, but it’s a bit short. It’s also been done before in some guides.
suggestions: add pictures and the block code because new users can’t understand text.

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There’s no block code involved.

They can simply go to a previous summit and the system thinks they are on the next summit.

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Nice guide! Maybe adding pictures would be nice?

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How to Set the Score to Checkpoints in Platformer ( Difficulty: :blue_square: or 1/10)
Are you sure there isnt another guide on this…?
Edit: @Sythic
I didnt want this to get turned down on and flagged. I think kormorant is a nice guy too. I was just stating that there is a guide on this already. :cry::cry::cry:

@Sythic what question in gcp? Hacker restarted chat…

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Oops. . . but using block code would be simpler. . .
but yeah there’s already guides on this.

@Kormorant since you love writing guides so much, why not make something more advanced and creative. Also, uuhhh i think most people are using height as the score in platformer now lol

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Nice guide but remember pictures are powerful!


As other people have said, pictures are better provide clarity.
also, would it be good to add the mini-guide ?

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you could always set the checkpoint to be only activated once…

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I picture is worth 1,000 words…


Bring in the flags DND_mewmews.

We gotta flag this thing down.

@sythic, I flagged it down. :slight_smile:

Don’t ever call me that.
But yes, I will flag.

This topic is from 1 day ago, as people have told you before DONT BUMP THESE.
Mass flagging doesnt even help because people who were there probably flagged anything bad.
Just. Dont. Reply. There is no need to. Its over, its done, there is nothing else for you to do ONE DAY AFTER.
Edit: Plus this doesnt even need to be flagged, Kormorant just didnt see that there was already a guide and accidentally made this

Edit: @Kosm0-o i know i was telling dnd mewing and 111 that there was nothing to flag, and that if there was it probably has been flagged. but they flagged anyway
also can you answer my question in the gcp?


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