Duplicate guide (do not reply)

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How much you wanna bet that this used to be an unshared draft?
Good Guide though

Sol’s RNG ahh biome (looks great!)

Beautiful Guide! But, didn’t you leave?


this is a copy, literally copy and pasted.

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i think they made it again because edit time ran out and they had more to add.

The exact thing though…
(Also, she even said in one comment she wanted to get banned so…)

wait, NOTHING was added? the last guide was made a month ago, so i would assume SOMETHING was added

Nothing at all…

idk then :man_shrugging:
just flag it and move on

I can’t, I’m a basic.

So he copied your guide? Wow.

nope, they copied and pasted their own guide.

made by the same person. no idea why they just copied and pasted their own guide tbh

Oh, alright.

I thought it was new not a copy. Thats unfortunate. :no_mouth:

yeah. i just moved it to Devices and flagged it

Heres theog

k its proven its a direct copy, now lets have @DANIOOLA mark a solution and we move to other more important post.

I think I might know why,
@danioola has been trying to get banned. She has been creating spam, being rude etc. She even said she does not care about the TOs. She has even been rude to me, I mean just look at her bio.

okay that too far

I think I gonna message the mods about danioola bio now

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