Dungeon clash thumbnail

i need help once more for my game can somebody make a thumbnail with the knight gim fighting mummy’s skelly’s ect
in a dark and spooky castle

I would but I am not so great… I know some people that can.

cool like who?

Yes, just ping the best people. I am trying to make a thumbnail but it would be kind of hard for me. I’m hand drawing it.

who should i ping?

I can do it for you!

Some of my work:


@Edwards Handdrawn or Photoshop?

ok cool
prob photo i would look nicer

Ok I’ll do that. Some of my work:


One second, this will take a while.

@Random_dude123 nice thumbnails u can help if u want

awesome @Blizzy !

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the game looks like this so make it have the same color floor and plz put the knight gim
btw ill credit who ever makes the best one

@M1dnight, someone needs your help!

P.S. M1dnight is the GOAT at thumbnails!



sorry ive had a lto on my plate, send me details over my email and ill begin when I get home (email cuz the clutter on the forums)

no problem midnight. your good. do what YOU have to do first.

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OK thanks!

@Random_dude123 How do you flip the gims so that the face and eyes don’t show?!


Okay thank you!
I can try to start now and finish before tomorrow

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