Dropping items help

I know that the knocked out player can drop an item when they get knocked out but if you get tagged is there a way to drop and item?

I’d assume. Just run the same function (someone else could explain it better lol)

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I think so? I believe it’s one of the options.

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I think that’s the option in the knockout manager

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Hold up, @Jobozo1875! Do you want the player tagging to be granted something?

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Well I wanted the item to get dropped on the ground- wait

Can you activate and deactivate inventory item managers?

yes, you can actually. I just discovered that

Wait you can’t deactivate them
I think I know a way to solve this though

what is it, then?

I’m about to test it but:

You get an inventory item manager and set it so you are not able to hold let’s say- tickets.
If you tag someone, right before they respawn, grant a ticket into their inventory. Since you can’t hold any, it will drop it on the floor.

@eiqcrmeliutgwhc Sorry I can’t use email but I can do a padlet

ah, smart. I think you solved your own problem!

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inventory item managers can get overridden but not deactivated.

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