Dropped item to run an action

is there a way to trigger an action when a player drops an item? I want to change a property value corresponding to the amount of items in an inventory.

You could have a game overlay that makes you get max amount of that item and then adds one more, then deletes all of the extra items, then because that button is pressed it broadcasts something.

here’s how:

After this it would broadcast.

Hope this helps, also you can’t actually press the real “Drop button” or this wont work.

oh ok i mean i dont have to integer overflow i can just take one

and make my own drop item button like that

and edit the property

??? can you be more specific, all I got was that you need it to edit property.

You might want to be quick I have to log off in like a minute.

i just wanted to change a property when i use the in game drop button

Oh, if I’m getting this right, you would just need to make a counter and the game overlay when pressed increments or whatever to the counter and the counter updates the property you want. Is this what you wanted?

yeah basically since i cant use the ingame drop item

Ok, when this is finished make sure to mark a solution.

alright i can make a solution

so to change a property when removing an item is done like this:

This can also be wired to anything else.

This would only work for one type of item as item granters can only edit one item

To create the effect of picking up the item would also need to put an item image that turns on when you push the first button, and then the first button turns off. Then you could add another button to pick up the item using a second item granter and then turn off the item image and the second button and turn on the first button. should be a repeatable loop. Using blocks in the item granters you could also edit the property. there may also be a way to work for more than one item but that would be even more complicated.

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