Door idea for entering and exiting a room/place 🟦

Items you need:

2 Zone
Several barriers or props (blocks)
2 Wires

Step 1:
Make a small room first

Step 2:
Put 2 zones should like this

Step 3:

Connect the zone to the barrier using wire (inside 2 zones)

and now all you have to do is try!
(I hope it works)

There’s an absurd amount of door guides.


I do agree, also remove the ideas tag. I can’t.

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I can

I didn’t put an ideas tag

Yes, you did

are you talking about the title?

(I removed it)

What should I put in the title?

Its fine

oh ok I understand what you are talking about, sorry

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I want to come up with some ideas. Can anyone suggest me an idea??

Whats your gimkit level first? Beginner, medium, or expert. I’m a medium, I can do a bit of block code. A beginner is one who can’t do block code, an expert is basically just a pro map builder.

OR you can just make a guide on how to make your very own blastball game and map

what do you mean gimkit level??


nah, like how experienced are you at building a map

i dont know hahaha :slight_smile:

beginner. Can’t do block code period. I always need help with it.

maybe how to do your own blastball map or thing. WIth different types of roles you can be, like soccer. Make certain places, like a striker or something idk, have a quantum portal, and different types of weapons. Add a sprint button, and make them faster.