(Don't respond, repeat post) This isn't a guide, though

does anyone have ideas fo a spooky dnd crawler?
rouge= blaster and medium hp regen
warrior= zapper and high hp regen
mage=wooden wand, evil eye and low hp regen

finale boss is done to
more dungeon

the bread it the oven burns over time

i just want any opinions pls and thx

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The code is showing on picture three. Also, i love it!

You should add variable difficulty otherwise everything else is good.

It says don’t respond. No more replies.

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You should try looking at the actual post before assuming the regular is always correct.
@MirMirCreates why’d you censor this post? They’re asking for ideas for a dungeon crawler. What’s wrong with that? It’s also literally not a guide, and even if it was it wouldn’t be a repeat.

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oops): sry

They made another guide exactly like this 5-10 minutes later because nobody responded


yea idk that was wrong sry

It’s ok! You can always bump your other guide if you need more help! We just don’t want to make a big mess here

how do i bump?

Just put something in the replies like this! bump!

Ah. Fair enough then. My bad!

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