Don't Reply to this not needed

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Uh this really isn’t needed…

good job plagiarizing jeffo’s topic, this really helped us!



I did this from Skratch!

God daaaang! People these days! -_-

Stop flaming.
Let the mods do their thing we’re not capable of, please.

Thank You!

Do you realize that everyone can see “no codes” when they first join because of a banner set up?

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I’m using my friends account so i dont know

No this is against the rules.
We are just telling him that this is not needed.

Ah I see.
But if he does be a bit that, don’t reply.

also, no game codes is literally in the rules and one of the other rules is that you have to get permission to make a PSA now, so you cant just write a 4-sentence reminder and then expect no one to flag what you wrote


I have already told you.
I’m using my friends account.
I didn’t set the account up!
I’m sorry for doing it. I didn’t know.

Do you forgive me?

  • Yes
  • No
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As long as you don’t do it again.
Also make your own account, it’s easier for you and your friend!! :slight_smile:

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We are done, just close the topic…

omg other way around! Smart!

I can’t school blocks things!

You don’t go to a boarding school I assume??
Do it at home (ask for a parent’s email!)
Please mark a solution soon! :]

I don’t but I go to a brick-and-mortar school… they have restrictions, and my parents wont let me use it because they will get TONES of emails if my friend does something wrong

Ah I see.
In that case, if you are sure you won’t be horrible, maybe create a new email for yourself if you have a device at home. Remember that you DO have to be responsible for it, like an account.
Otherwise, use your friend’s account carefully.

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I have my other email on here too! :slight_smile: