Dont reply [reason: deleted post]

please dont reply this is a deleted post


Great job on your first guide, @DriftUknown_YT !

Nice guide!! Your first time, it is really good @DriftUknown_YT!

thank you i now added the money genarater

thank you i now added the money generator

can you do poll for diffuclty?

Just add this to your guide

okokokokokokoko i will thank you

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Yeah I’m not a high enough trust level to do so…

oh ok i see i seee i see

  • Difficulty (rely easy)
  • Difficulty (easy)
  • Difficulty (eh)
  • Difficulty (meduim)
  • Difficulty (hard)
  • Difficulty (rely hard)
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i did it so plz vote

man i gotta repost cuz it wont let me edit it

Question, why does this have the unknown-difficulty tag? And it is the only post to have such a tag.

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@DriftUknown_YT, please mark a solution to close this post.

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ok i will sorry i didnt know

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