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Why cant I connent zone to the popup?

I do not believe you can or it is becuase the popup is already hooked up to something but honestly I have zero clue.

you already have a wire going to it

you can’t put two wires to the same thing

You have to many wires to that one device, there is no other way except to add another device.

??? How do I use it? I know how to do it to block messages from certain teams, but how to have multiple wires into it?

use a wire repeater

make the zone go to the wire repeater and then go to the device you want to wire up

at the same time make the zone go to the popup

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You can add up to 5 wires to one device, but non after. No matter if you do block code or not.

wait nevermind ignore that i checked it and you just reached the wire to a device so using a wire repeater is useless, @WolfTechnology is right

ohhhh yeah, wolf technology is right

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That is a device, so you will need to use a channel, otherwise, no.

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So I can just use chanels?

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Should be able to, there is no limit to channels.

yes you can

Yes, they don’t have a placement limit.

Also, wolf I meant the wire limit if that confused you.

Understood, and yeah they don’t.

You can’t make 2 wires starting and ending at the same place. The same place. So you need a wire repeater.

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It’s already connected to it once.

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