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one thing I noticed when playing my friends maps is that they always stay behind us when we are playing the game, and then they come back with like 2 quantum portals, and x4 speed. I found their hacks and plan to exploit their hacks and show you how to use them.

One of the best tricks is putting floors instead of walls in specific areas to advance though the game very easily.

Another is placing random buttons around the map so you can collect easily beat sentries while your friend’s struggle.
sorry if this post was boring or unhelpful. I have not made a post in a while and am trying to get better at posting daily.
stop it.

please don’t make dupe guides


It’s a nice attempt, but if this is a duplicate guide, I suggest not making it.

advice: if you post daily most likely it will all be duplicate guides

it is not a duplicate guide. I am literally at 2nd period trying to do this in five minutes.

there are already trap guides with much more details

One of the ideas mentioned in this guide, is mentioned here.
But I’m not going to start an argument.
@Foxy, should I rename this topic, or give it some time?

go ahead this topic is

  1. a dupe
  2. way too short
  3. doesn’t give you instructions
  4. very low effort
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Alright. I’ve renamed it. Let’s leave the topic and leave it at this.

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It is better not to reply to off-topic posts then to reply to them since there are more of these replies than the actual off-topic posts

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Yes, I was informed of that. My apologies.
Let’s leave it at that. :+1: