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You want to make a Ending Game Like Get a Snack At 3AM? Well, look no further here is a guide!

Endings Things

This is the Ending part where you make your endings.

Ending Room

Depending on what the theme of your game is you first need to decorate.
If your theme is to Get a Snack Decorate with some food

If your theme is to Get a Drink Decorate with cups or barrels with water

If your theme is to Get a Job Decorate with some jobs like food cups and plates for Food worker. Computer office chairs and filing cabinets for 9-5/ Office worker. Anvils and shields for Medieval or Warrior.
Screenshot 2024-04-20 8.45.08 PM
Also Depending on your theme of the game is the endings.
You can have different endings. Try to make them unique like Kicked out Ending or Movie Ending aren’t used a lot. You can use text to show the endings. Make sure to use the Shift-Enter combo to make dents so it can fit.
Don’t leave the text like that though. To make it look nicer, change i’s font. Also add a text width to make it even better.

How to Make Endings

You can make multiple types of endings. Choose the one you like below.

Talk Endings

You can use Sentries to talk to. Get a Sentry, a Button, and a Popup.
You can make the entries say anything and make a ending. The cool thing is you can use Call to Action Buttons to make Multiple conversations and endings. You can wire the popup to another popup with this “Primary call to action clicked - Open Popup” or “Secondary call to action clicked - Open Popup”

Zone Endings

You can use a zone to end a game too. Like if you enter a area your not supposed to "Why am I here? Ending. Make sure it makes sense too. Not a lot of zone type endings are used so it’s for to be unique!

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks!

Endgame Problem

If you reached your endgame limit just wire the thing before the end game comes to a endgame that already exists.

Custom Images

Use Barriers to create cars, boats, trucks, houses, and buildings!

Use Emojis in Text to make food and stuff!

Setting Ideas


Puzzle Ideas

You can make it so you need a key to get out of the house.
Need cash to get endings and to get cash have to do a certain thing.

Now Read this.
This isn’t the best guide. There’s ideas for you to work with and some guides to do them. I hope this helped!

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