Dont look down style names for fishtopia

You know how dont look down names are all based on modes? I need that style for fishtopia places. I allready have Sci-Fi Stream and Polar Pond.

Do you mean you need ideas for areas in your Fishtopia map? Please be clearer.

Yes, I do

Maybe the “space sea”?

Or the “crater canyan”?

for like farmchain and mideval

I don’t play the gimkit games, so I can’t help you. Sorry! :sob:

Maybe like a lab. I mean, Farmchain does have a lab. Midievel(Sorry I can’t spell)… Like a castle or a beer shop or something like that. Maybe an armory?

Up the stream?

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Marsh Mineshaft? to get materials for a better rod?

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Maybe Crafter’s Cove, a place where you can breed craft fish to unlock different fish or items?
(not really dld themed but a mix of my imagination and cosmic cove)

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