Don't Look Down 2.0 (thumbnail help)

no, sorry I am not good at photo shopping…

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its okay but that still looks good now when @gim_guy done ill pick one out of you @THEHACKER120 and @gim_guy


It might be 2-3 days until I’m done. I’m busy but will do it whenever I have spare time.

ok thats fine @gim_guy

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I could make one in about 30 mins. Any specific gims?
previously made ones:


make one screaming in agony as they break both of their legs because they fell from the sky

I have made two:
one with text and one without

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Those look really good!

I think that’s not appropriate but like a gim with a mouth screaming is good.


what do you think?

ohh im sorry i was a bit sick but im better know that looks awesome can i use it @bob6000?

Here is mine:

Not that good, its only my 2nd hand drawn one.

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Thats really nice! Might want to add clouds to the bacround?

Okie clouds coming up

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NNOIIIICEEEE can i be mod? At least writer? :sob:

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: your causing a revolutionary war on the padlet
@Morepeko8 no spamming

No orbit was…also i was gonna write ok no more spamming -_- @THEHACKER120 fine. Ill leave.

You can rejoin

I dont want to anymore.