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So, i have a button game overlay that gives you cash when you press it with a cool down but i’m trying to create a upgrade for it to spawn more cash when you press but i’m trying to find a way to make the upgrade with a vending machine so when you press the overlay it runs a check to see if you have the item you bought from the vending machine to trigger the upgrade but, i’m trying to find a way to do it with the transmit on channel because I want to use the icon for the vending machine. Any way on how to make the upgrade without an item needed and without a checker?

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Go to the When Button Pressed, Transmit On channel on the Overlay.

Now, go to your checker and put the channel you put on the Overlay in the Run Check When Receiving On Setting.

Lastly, go to the When Check Passes, Transmit On setting and go to your Vending Machine’s Attempt To Purchase setting and put the channel from the checker in it.

For the cash being repeatedly spawned, go to the Vending Machine’s When Item Purchased, Transmit On setting to start a repeater which grants cash through an item granter.

I don’t think that’s what he/she/@Darkz341 meant @Haiasi

No, I think they meant they wanted to do it with channels so they can use the transmit on channel icons setting so the link you sent might help as well.

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anyway for you to link photos to the steps? i’m a little confused.

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Hold on.

(Sorry for bad quality, this was on mobile)

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All good, Thank you so much.

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