Don't break the publishing guidelines (A guide to help you understand the rules of publishing)

I Noticed Ever since publishing was added people did not follow the guidelines. So i’m going to make this guide to show how publish correctly and what to do if you don’t know if a game is bad or not. if you haven’t read the guidelines read them because those are important!

what's not allowed

so if you can’t understand it i will simplify this for you with a list

  • no profanity in any of your published maps Gimkit is made for ages 6+
  • **Do not use an intellectual property that you do not own( I see this one getting violated a lot) **
  • No racism and homophobia If you do you will be reported in a instant.
  • no harassment that is rude and we don’t do that stuff here
    *No terrorism or school threats okay we do not want that to happen. If one of your classmates or friends does this report them to the police.
  • Do not make stuff out of serious disasters okay or real life attacks from terrorists.
  • don’t use the Gimkit brand in you title or thumbnail and don’t lie about being partnered with them.
  • do not put personal information in your map okay we don’t want you getting doxxed
  • no online dating places
  • Don’t forget to credit people and do not steal from others.
  • don’t post about content that includes harm or abuse.
  • do not put stuff like blood horror or other things that will make your map 13+
  • War events that will make your game 13+ is not allowed.
examples of bad games

here are some examples of places that violate the gimkit guidelines

  • NSFW land
  • Fortnite, FNAF,
  • dating place
  • 9/11, Hurricane katrina, ETC.
  • Gimkit ‘Insert game here’ partnered with Gimkit
  • Don’t come to school tomorrow ‘The Game’
  • do terrorism and stuff
    this is the end of this list it will be added on eventually
examples of good games

These are examples of games we allow on Gimkit

  • Among gim
  • Insert mass producible item here* tycoon
  • gim royale
  • insert age appropriate IP here* roleplay
  • your name here* RPG
  • gimland
  • escape the flood
    *survival game
    this is the end of this list this will be added on.

these are scenarios related to this topic

"kooly's new game" by:zombieeater0908

kooly makes a battle royale game and he finishes it

but before he could publish it a regular comes and says

then kooly asks

then the regular says this

the regular decides to give kooly this simple recommendation

kooly changes it and his game did not get taken down by the mods

this is the end or fin if you speak french.

"detective baka's case" by: zombieeater0908 (based on a true story)

detective baka was called on by an unknown figure. Who said he has no time to report a game called poppy playtime ch2. he looks at it and says…

so he decides to report it by emailing So he makes his report on this game.

then detective.B got an email saying that the game has been taken down by Gimkit moderators

special thanks for Pharlain from Gimkit for replying to my email and taking the game down ( I had no idea what to do if the game was still up or if no one would have replied.)
oh and also If you spot an inappropriate game report it to it should take about 24 hours or more for them to reply.-zombie

Sketch's stolen art

This is currently a wip but i will tell you what this will be about It will be about one sketch’s
thumbnail art being stolen by someone. Who used it for one of their low effort creative maps. Yes i made sketch an artist it’s not canon though.

you can create your own scenarios here if this is made into a wiki

This is the end of this post ‘kinda’. I do want a regular to turn this into a wiki so everyone can put their suggestions here but if this is turned into the wiki i have some rules

  1. you must ask permission before editing this post unless you are a regular
  2. I will make a poll for me to know if you are editing the post
    and that’s about it.

1.01-1.03 fixed some things
1.1 finished “detective Baka’s case” added the change log tab thing, added more examples,. and added a new scenario “Sketch’s stolen art” currently a wip

zombieeater0908: creator of this post
some random roblox employe: made the bad places post on the roblox forms which inspired zombie to make the examples part of this post
9yr old children: the kids who caused zombie to make this post
some random child: ( thought it was a good idea to publish a game called poppy playtime chapter 2 which was used for the scenario “detective Baka’s case”)

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psa isn’t really allowed to be tagged anymore… I think the admins and mods told us that… Sometime ago…

oh ok i will change that

should i change the title

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  1. it’s 6+, not 9+
  2. you didn’t have to add the homophobia part
  3. instead of saying suicide and animal abese (misspelled on purpose), just say “no content containing harm or abuse”
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Nice guide, and useful!

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