Does anyone want to try my game im working on its but its not completely done I just want to see if it is good so far

there are stages you have to go thru

We can’t. Codes aren’t allowed here.

codes are not allowed on the forums, and this does not belong in the community made guides section. do this on the wix.

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Also, welcome to the forums @Cloudyboy

what is the wix i just joined

thank i just really want people to try my game

its a website where you can share codes and stuff, do you need a link?

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yes please can you im actaully on a school computer so i dont know if it will work or not?

Please move this conversation to "codesharing: on the WIX and mark a solution on here. Thanks!

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Opps, i forgot to include a link. Oh well.

nvm i used a diffrent email and it worked im smart

are you like a part of making this website or sum like i dint do anything to you bro but ok

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Also, read the this.

also delete yours to then it says where i go to school

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No, but you can get flagged for being off-topic.

Yes, all of use users that are helping you are, but you didn’t do anything wrong either, you just don’t need to share that type of info. Here if you want to know the rules, please read the FAQ.

yo um i requested to joi* the code charing but i dont know if they will let me in

That’s why you need to click on the link that WolfTechnology gave you.

Yay im in do you guys want to try my game please?