Does anyone want a shoutout in my map but come with ideas

does anyone want a shoutout in my map but come with ideas

what kind of map is it?

and you cannot add the off topic tag as you know if you wrote this you would not write this if this was off topic but this isnt

But anyhow what is your map?

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a pvp map where you get to choose the weapons u use then go into a arena and fight to the death.

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maybe a secret weapon that you figure out a combination based on notes around the map

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ok good one i will try to add that

You could add a secret button that gives 2x damage?

i will add that too thx

Put a series of off and on space crates in your lobby. The space crates can then translate to binary code, which can then unlock some lore and perhaps unlock a secret alternate arena.

have a broken kit/weapon in the corner of the weapon selecting area where no body can see it

add props that can be damaged so you can hide behind them, make classes that you choose instead of just one weapon (in a class you get 1-2 weapons and a certain buff.)

Medic : Spawn with a zapper and blaster, but get a medkit every 30 seconds
Buff : Spawn with just one Evil Eye, but get 2x damage at start
Alien : Spawn with full shield and a quantum portal
Ninja : Spawn with 1.5x speed and a PML
Heavy : Spawn with a quantum portal, evil eye, and snowball launcher, but you have 1.25x speed.

Feel free to make your own classes if you do my idea, and happy gimkiting!

If you need more class ideas, just say so and I will happily help.

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you could make it so people could spectate while the fight is going on

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Maybe like teleporters around the map?

Different Biomes. Could you give my map a shoutout? it is dying.


great idea!

how about some riddles and if they solve it they get better weapons

I actually did this in my tag game but it was to buggy, I would love to see that in a game!

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custom sentries and maybe a triggerable trap that you can get with kills
i really want a shout out link map when you finish pls

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Arena events. This sounds like the hunger games, so you could make a counter that when it hits 0, it launches an event. Event ideas, poisonous fog/death zones, sentries appear, players are boxed in an area and game chooses some areas to make people die in. Teleporters come and people respawn/teleport to different areas.

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Another idea, a randomizer chooses two players and teleports to a pacman like minigame. Whoever wins survives. That would require quite a bit of experience tho. Or maybe a soccer/blastball game where if you win, the other player dies.

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