Does anyone think we could ever get a colab in gimkit

it would be cool if we got gimkit colabs like fortnite does

You can. When you make a map, you can share its code with friends. You can’t do that here though. Then in the settings, click on permissions to give your friends editing actions.

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You can! You can configurate it in your settings. Just make sure not to post game codes here. You can post them on the wix

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I mean like skins from other stuff

like imagine walking around as a taylor swift gim


No, you can’t do that yet. If you want to suggest it, post that here:

nothing planned with other companies?

Ohhhh that’s what you meant. I don’t think so, since gimkit is a school thing.

aight unfortuntinty the suggestion forum is blocked on my school computer

what if gimkit collabed with blooket??? :open_mouth:


that’d be cool maybe like kahoot or quizlet

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you might be able to make custom gims sometime since gimkit changed from spritesheets, but def not soon

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