Does anyone need help building a map?

I can help build maps it doesn’t matter what the map is about! so if anyone needs help building shoot me a message!

Sorry but messaging is disabled on this forum. This post also encourages sharing of game codes so it is best we close this topic by marking a solution.

you can ask in wix but this is off topic, if someone asks for help they will post then you can ask to help

huh what do you mean

And Welcome to the community @Archie ! But if you wish to stick around here and help others, i would recomend that you read the FAQ and TOS. And PM’s are disable on this forum and this post is off topic so please mark a solution.

alright sorry I didnt know

you fine, you just j0ined. And that is why we are here, to help people.

I believe the best thing to do is wait for someone to say they need help. They will probably have a way to let you help without breaking the forum’s rules.

On this: