Does anyone know what the new Hitbox is for Gims?

I need this for a video(not promoting because there’s no link) and I already have the hitbox for the ball is blastball, at least the way it works due to josh giving me some info. But I am not sure all the hit points and accually size of the hitbox for gims. Does anyone have an idea? I need so i can make a map that works perfectly with the hitboxes.

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they add the blast ball?

The game mode, yes. but the device no. I was saying for reasons that I could explain the game mode and how to understand the purpose of the hitbox. Because many players struggle to get the ball in the net, yet i beat a 2v1 13 to 0. It is all in the points of where you hit the ball because it effects the direction, speed, and distance the ball with travel. And no one seems to understand that yet.

I don’t think the gim hitbox changed.

hi wolf this is boom. can you help me with a the amazing digital circus gimkit game pls? also which game should i delete

It was, when DLD was made they changed the hitbox and it is on all of their modes, including the top down modes, aka 2D.

You can delete which ever you wish, and I can help you in about an hour, is that ok with you?

yah that’s fine wolf tech

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