Does anyone know how to make this for my map?

Y’know how people make a part of their map when you get in their game, but when you press play, it’s the actual game? Just wondering because the spawn point for when you get in is the place where you start on the map.
Screenshot 2024-04-29 6.49.12 PM

So there’s this thing called spawn pre-game in the settings for that device.

also in your account settings you can change your display name so you won’t have to blur out anything

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you could change it by putting a spawn point that says its for when it starts

@Splitzy do u got ur solution? If ya dont know how it looks like its

wdym? couldn’t find it

I can’t import a picture but in use During phase thats where it is

don’t understand that

click on the spawner thingy and it says it somewhere


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