Does anyone know how to make the download task?

I need it for an among-us map and couldn’t find any guides for it.

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You could have a button you could push that triggers a trigger that has delay of 20 seconds.
I don’t know about visuals though

Yeah that’s the big part. Wolf_Technology might know since he’s skilled at art.

I mean you can teleport them to another room

In an hour and a half or so, I can design a room that sort of looks like the table if you want?

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@Coral if you were to make that I would love to see that. You could make a guide on how to make an among us map.

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Thanks. I’ll be offline for a bit though.

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Same I am busy atm

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You could maybe use a pop-up sorta animation like:

and so on

But it would be very tedious

I’ll try it out.

@Coral thats ok. Just make sure to have fun!

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Basically when 1 popup closes open another one that has slightly more progress


I’m pretty sure Im wrong when I say this but mabye like buttons and triggers? You could also set it to be like for a visual like mabye try getting color to change? IDK, sorry if im wrong

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Ight I’ll make a guide on download, should be done later today/tommorow

Hey, it’s out!

Does it work?


Sorry, was offline for a while.

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