Does anyone know how to make a sentry peacfull

Are you sure? I tried that and with multiple sentries/maps and it DEFINITELY didn’t work. That might be a total bug on my side of GKC but who knows.

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set it to the team all other players are on

Also, zones don’t work with sentries. Sentry interactions have been fixed a while ago.


Nothing else but these settings.

Zones don’t affect sentries bbsi

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Zones don’t work with sentries, and haven’t since the sentries update. The interactions were a bug not intended to be implemented. Here’s a guide:

You can walk through just turn collision off on the box.


I just checked by placing a zone and sentry and it worked.
It didn’t fire on me and I had nothing but a zone and a sentry.
Try it out.

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Was the sentry on your team though…?


record a gif. this has never worked before and I js tested.

I would use transpaerent barrier

transparent? does that mean invisible or no collision? you have to use collision though

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it would mean no collision I think

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collision is what blocks projectiles… nice yt channel btw

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If I can bc I’m on a school chromebook.

record a video and go to gif converter


Hey! JUICCE_YAHR What is your YT channel I like animation and I would love it if you told me thank you - Ayden Wilson
Btw it would be helpful if you gave me tips on how to animate thank you!!!

Hi @Ayden_Wilson welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

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how do u record a gif