Does anyone know how to make a relay on 2 specific teams

Does anyone know how to make a relay on 2 specific teams

just have two relays.

yea but only 1 will work so its kinda a chance system and i dont want only 1 to work i want both to

Really? then use a fast repeater.

@AppropriateName You can place two relays, one that relays for Team 1, the other for Team 2. When some action happens, it should trigger both relays to do the corresponding action.

not becuse its for vitals in among us and they will see the imposter

That’s what I thought, but I added another way.

i did that didnt work only said the imposter and then the other round it said the crewmate

use channels?

why what wouid make diffrence???

IDK. @ClicClac might know the answer.

Sometimes wiring settings can have mistakes. Can you double-check them?

no its ok its returning a wire pulse

If what i’m thinking is correct, then you can just hook up a button or trigger to multiple relays, each set to a specific team, so all connected relays will fire at the same time. This device system respawns all players on teams one and two.

Hope this helps!

hey do you know to use a relay on spectators?

Relay on the team “Spectators”

yes i do mean that i do

I don’t think so. There is no option in the relay menu for it. However, feel free to find a workaround and prove me wrong!