Does anyone know how to make a hide n seek leaderboard?

making a hide n seek map and i think the leaderboard is wrong so can someone help me? this is what mine is currently set to:


What is the current problem?

my friend and i are making the hide n seek map that i mentioned (which is good cause we keep messing up and trying to fix it), but on one of the main end game things, the leaderboard, is messed up, we know because we keep testing it. i tried searching the problemm to see if anyone could do it, but i couldn’t find anything that helps me : (

See if any of this helps.

How does it not work?

as you can see, the leaderboard tracks knockouts, which means for the seekers to win, they have to get everyone that is not on their team out. i thought this would work since i couldnt find anything else related to hide n seek, im still trying to add everything in the game, so that also could be a slight reason why it isnt working

when the players get “knocked out” do they lose all their health or do you use a tag zone?

I would try to make it track tags rather than knockouts but that may be harder since its not a setting.

What if you make the leaderboard on time survived instead?

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@Kosm0-o , they die and then i am going to make it spectate
@Dinosaur, i dont know what you mean
@ClicClac i sort of have that already, but who knows, it could be a good idea

Nevermind i dont know what i said either sorry lol.

If you change player health to 1 and give the seekers a zapper or something like that once they see someone they could shoot em and when they die they switch to spectator. Is it something like that you want?

Use a property called anything you want and get a counter which will increment when player tagged from the tag zone and You can change that in the leaderboard settings that the Ledearboard will be based upon the property

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yeah i think i did all that except the spectating thing, i just need to add that later

wait so it worked or?

im still working on it , but i gave all players 1 health ,the seekers have weapons, but yeah, still working on spectating

Lifecycle - When player knocked out + Team switcher - switch team (then make team 3 a spectator team)

ok let me try that :+1:

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