Does anyone know how to make a gimkit similar to the game roblox doors

I know. Its hard to make a 3D horror game out of 2d materials. Plus i have smol brain

Use this guide!

Please change the tag from community made GUIDES to a help since you need help.

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And mark a solution!!!

Ok. But I may have a few questions

Bring it on. I didn’t create the guide tho.

What do you have? You can make a wiki, just for Doors, and later I will make a guide for this.

Such as, I want a text bubble to appear once one player dies, but i only want it to show for THAT player

So first how does the player die?

Make a notification in block code.

Tell me what it needs to say. I will give the block code for that.

Well, he or she would die to an enemy sentry, of course

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So, a sentry has a weapon, but it could be instant death.

So wire a knockout manager to a notification running a pulse wire block… getting a pic.

It would say “You died to (entities name)” then it would give tips on how to not die to that monster again

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There are ways to make 3d things
you just have to look it up in the search bar
there probably was no point in saying this

So I can make a notification for every one of those.

I don’t think you can for just one.

Yes in the actual game, it talks for 2 screens. One for the you died to ________ and another for tips