Does anyone know how to after a team switch, the player goes back to the original team. (But there is 4 teams)

Just like I said in the title. But, I looked up other solutions like this, but it doesn’t work because I have 4 active teams!

How do you want the system to work? Team switch back after a timed delay after team switch or something else?
EDIT: how am I the first comment on this…

So they switch teams and then after a little while they go back to their old team?

I guess you would have to use property, or blocks…

You could use blocks so that depending on a triggering players team it increases a counter and activates trigger then team switches. Then after the trigger goes off it sets it back depending on the counter.
Probably possible. Just kinda complicated.

ig smth like this?
Screen Shot 2024-05-04 at 8.02.00 AM


yep that definitely works

Thank you guys so much! This is awesome! I will look at the article and see if that works. Thank you! Oh, and @chrysostom , can you please re-upload that video that you gave me of how to do the double button thing? Thanks guys!


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