Does anyone have ideas to make the game more interesting

When I first published this game the game is called Crimson arcade but for some reason it only shows when you type Crimson arcad, anyways it blew up but now it is slowing down, I know there is a glitch making the last letter not show but can you guys playtest and give me ideas

We can’t advertise (or provide links to our games) on these forums

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yeah i realized :frowning: I was just hoping so it could be easier but I just want to add updates but I’m out of ideas

use the wixsite or padlet

im sorry, @LMTS32 but advetizing isnt aloud, maybe use padlet,disscord, wix to ask ppl to play test and stuff, but here its not aloud, sorry.

pls choose a solution, it looks like this;

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I didn’t play your game but here are a few ideas:

Add lore
Use different fonts, colors, and images in your popups
make the map tidy but with a hint of messy (scatters papers, dirt, props a bit out of place, etc.)
send the player notifications


I think you mean “allowed”…

oops…my spelling is…rlly bad