Does anyone have any ideas to add to my map

I just posted my first map that is called new greenville and if people could play it and tell me what i should add that would be great but i will not respond but check when it updates to see if your suggestion is in game

Maybe, but please do not advertise your game name. It may lead to it being flagged.

i not trying to advertise just asking for suggestions

It’s fine. Who is really offended or annoyed by a game name?

What is Greenville about?

A investigation of a monster who is killing in a park

@Cgames nice to see you again! 1) How do you like your Thumbnail? 2) You should add a spooky dark forest using bare trees tinted a brown color(I used that for you Thumbnail) 3) If you already have that make a spooky factory in the middle of it with broken glass on the floor that can hurt you and random sentries

or somthing like this:

there is a portal at the end of a trail

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That sounds good i will prob do that and it is doing really good

Hey @mattnosport did you try the game

make random red or white dots looking at you to give them a sense of uneasiness.

Sounds awesome but how I do that

And if anyone could get someone to make me another thumnail for a new game that would be great

Barriers. make circles and maybe it just look like something staring into your soul. try using zones so that when they move, it looks like the eyes are following their movement and looking at them!

Ok but what you mean by using zones to make it look like it moving

When they enter a specific zone, lets say its the lower portion. the eyes look that way. enter the middle one, then the eyes look that way, be at the top portion, it looks that way. when it exits it, just make it go back to staring straight normally. Only do the exit thing on the last one.

And also make it so its player scoped, which means only a certain players view point.

Ok thanks any other ideas and have you played it?

Because i feel like you should play it and see what i shouldd improve in my next update

No. I haven’t played it. And nah, maybe you can add a black or dark colored barrier, like grey or gray whatever, and put it over the map. gives it a dark theme.