Does anybody know how to make my energy split in half like the capture the flag mode

It would help I’m making a capture the flag game but with weapons and not tags when you get captured you have your energy split in half

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You’ll have a lifecycle that listens for when you’re knocked out then have an item granter with a wire pulse code block. Set a variable that saves the amount of energy you had grant a custom item amount: 0-energy then grant custom item amount: previous energy / 2. Wire the lifecycle to the item granter and make it run wire pulse block. I can get pictures if you need them.

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thank you pic would also be helpful

Ok I just set it up, I’ll get some pictures soon.

Here you go!


Inventory Manager


Item Granter

Yeah, I’m glad I tested this the method I gave you was only like halfway correct lol :joy:

thank you so much this will help

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btw do you want me to wire them

Omg! How could I forget that???
Heres the code for the knockout manager

If you make the item granter grant on that channel, everything should work I’m so sorry about that lol

thank you for showing me this

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