Does anybody know how to make item(s)?

If possible I would like help making a item, the item is a Gaster Blaster from the game “UnderTale”

Here is a picture example:

That is the picture, please help if you can.

By the way it shoots sky blue laser beams

hey first welcome to the forum @VHS_Sans

second gimkit doesn’t have a gaster blaster but we can use one of the gimkit weapon to make it act like one or look like one (graudated result not include)

Okay thanks for the notice, could you help me by chance?

yeah sure btw you can’t post your code on here it not allowed.

so i will send you a link when you click on it you might have to request access i will imdaitely grant it. so you can post your code without getting in trouble

Got that, thank you!

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Post suggestions here!

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i’m pretty sure in Undertale the T isn’t capital