Does any one know how to make like a ping or sensor

I need one for my hide-and-seek map

umm… what do you mean by that? if you want something that can trigger something else when you walk over it, use a trigger or zone device.

There are popups and waypoints

in fortnight prop hunts you hear a ping in the direction of the hider

how would you do that?

ohh, I see. well, you can’t get custom sounds in gimkit creative, but as @I-am-helpful said, a waypoint device would work.

I don’t think you can make custom sounds

then like an arrow that shows up and then disappears really quickly can that happen is it do able

yeah, you can have two repeaters that activate and deactivate the waypoint.

what is a waypoint? im spanish i don’t know what that is

Yeah. Have a trigger that has no delay. It should make the waypoint track the hider. Next have a trigger with a delay of .1 second. This should make the waypoint stop following the player.


it’s a device in gimkit creative.

Yes! You can have a repeater going to a way point and wire repeater the repeater that goes straight to the waypoint activates it and the one that goes to the wire repeater deactivates it. The wire repeater delay is how ling the waypoint will last. The repeater will be how long it takes to activate from game start with a lifecycle then it will repeat with that long of a delay between the flashing arrows


thank y’all so much very help full

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