Does any one know how to make fog

that should solve your question!

i think he meant like decorative fog like horror fog i dont know if untinted bushes might do for him or idk regular bushes might do for him

you could put bushes but lower the transparency and turn them black

You could add a barrier with a high transparency, it would make the entire screen darker!
(not exactly sure what you mean by fog though)

yeah that works beautifully as black fog

do you want white or black fog because it would be more realistic for white fog

we cant do white fog cuz it just makes it normal

or a just a little bit tinted

but if its white fog you could make it have a lower transparency

so harder to see

yeah if someone manages to make a prop thats complete white

but completley white would be impossible too see i wil show you

see its great for fog

sorta good for fog depends on what kinda fog ya want partial fog or like whole map fog

yeah you could change the size and shape and put it somewhere for some kinda fog.
BUT WAIT barriers dont let you walk through. i think i can find a way

maybe so ropikal maybe so…

wait you can put the thing so people can walk through an invisible teleporter so they can get inside and they can still walk around

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Also @anon77025890 you can let people walk through barriers by turning off collision.

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