Does a Wire attacked to a Relay work with all players?

I have a bunch of per-player props that I need to disable. I have them linked up to a wire repeater, and I have a Relay to catch when it’s time to disable them- but I’m not sure if using a Wire from the Relay would send the message to disable it for everyone.

Would that work or do I have to use a trigger?

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The relay will make it so the wire pulse applies for all players as long as it is set that way.

So this would work?

  • Trigger Relay when a channel (plantSentryKO) is called
  • Wire from relay to wire repeater that disables all props
  • All props get disabled for everyone
  • Relay is set to “All Players”

Yes. If the props’ scope is set to “global,” relays won’t be needed.

They’re set to “player” which is why I used a relay.

Oh ok. Is this question solved? Any more questions?

Yep, solved!


You can only use letters for that.

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