Dodgeball map ideas please!

I have made a nice working dodgeball map for my class, but it’s too simple, I want to add more interest to my work. If you guys have any ideas, PLEASE! tell me, I really want to up it for my class to enjoy!

Add randomizers like this How to make a quick easy randomizer(updated version)
and maybe look at this I want to make a dodgeball map and i need help or ths Dodgeball map ideas please!
use sentries and player mix but have sentries battle each other?

Really, I don’t care, Realistic or not, I just want more for my class to enjoy before getting sick of it. I would like these ideas before Monday because then school will be back up and I will have not much to show new to my Class…

Weapons! That makes everything better. Or add more props to hide behind.

Hm, that sounds interesting, but I’m not looking for things to do with sentries but instead to a battle between players.

Do el presidente like I do at school…have two medics if they get hit (have low health so instant kill) they become regular player but when medic they have medkit but cannot drop it…and have when player tagged by someone…check for medkit and if check passes they are given health. (tagging zone set to not respawn players) and a president that can heal but if killed that team loses and a hidden cone that if knocked over (shot) game ends…

What? No sentries, just player weapons.

Reward system to motivate them to hit others. Like maybe cash when they knock someone out and at the end of each match, they can buy upgrades!

Ok, I will try a few of these ideas to make my game better, but I do not like the idea so much of barriers because then they just camp and the other players want to leave :frowning:

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Ok thank you, this will have to work! Thanks for the help guys! thats not all though, I could use some more ideas so keep me updated!

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Alright, Thanks so much!

Maybe let them choose their own teams? or is it FFA?

If possible, Then yes! thats a great idea!

Breakable barriers with damage! maybe add a bounty system where if you knockout a player doing really good knocking out a lot of people it gives your team (relay to all from that specific team) a damage boost and better weapons… and have some random people on enemy team become slower when their medics get hit. and when hitting medic triggering player gets a quantum portal and speed boost!

Welp! all this text is helping me! so what would I put down as a solution?

It is but I can’t find the link for some reason.

here i will add a summary of all ideas give me a minute

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um ok, thanks guys, u the best!