Do you think I have to change this or keep it


  • keep it
  • change it
  • add props
  • not good
  • amazing

Reply me why you want me to do these changes

add props, to make it look more deocrated

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I see what majority vote says tomorrow at 7:58 pm

I like that clinical, minimalist device-only look, so I say keep it as is, maybe change the background a bit.


Add more props. Also you should delete the code off the pic so you don’t get flagged.

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ok but what do you mean by flagged

Flagging is when your post gets hidden because it was against the guidelines. A extreme flag will notify the mods. You don’t want to be flagged, trust me.

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Also, uh, your poll broke.

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what, how do my pole broke

props win because my pole broke :expressionless:

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