Do you know how to block quote another post?

I have been searching around on the forums and have seen people say,

How to make stuff | Community-made guidelines
Welcome to another tut…

Does anyone know how to do that?

I never seen it or did it

I honestly have no idea. Or maybe I do! I think you have to copy and paste it on what you say

Just took a random screenshot ^^

Im going to test it.



Just took a random screenshot ^^

I don’t take a screen shot I just like highlight it then ctrl+c then ctrl+v

can you just quote a random topic and show me how? That would be extremely appreciated! :slight_smile:

That happens when you onebox a link by putting it on it’s one line. It’ll show an embed link of text (and/or an image if there is one).

When you onebox a post or a topic on the forum, it shows up on one line. Click the :chains: button next to a post or topic to get its link (or just copy the link from your url section)


(oneboxed and linked your topic)

If the link is not on one line,

it shows up like this: Do you know how to block quote another post?

right click on the title, then hit “copy link” then paste it in the reply box

oh, you just put that…

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Select the text you want, then press Quote.

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Well now I know how to do it correctly.

just Google it
“how to quote a post in discourse”

I just listened to @justagimba

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