Do wire signals "run out" after a period of time?

I have a system that is really hard to explain so I’ll try my best:

It starts in the bottom left checker when it receives a pulse from a vending machine. If Check Passes → grant two items. If Check Fails → move on to next checker (the one above it), and when it reaches the top, it goes back to the bottom in the next row and goes up again.

Theoretically, when it can’t find a specific gadget, it should send a notification and return the keycard (item needed to purchase from the vending machine), but it doesn’t. I’ve checked through everything and all the wires are hooked up properly. Is there a bug or something that stops wire trails if they’re too long? I can’t figure this out

Edit: When it finds a gadget, it works fine, but it doesn’t acknowledge when it doesn’t find a gadget and return the item


I have no idea if that happens.Why does this remind me of trying to find out if items can drown in minecraft?(Back on topic now)


I dont think they do, we could ask the regulars.
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we dont even have to ask the regulars, they almost always answer!


@WolfTechnology Do wire signals run out?
(we desperately need help)

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good point and all but im still gonna mention em


The best theory to why this is happening is because something is wrong with the wire repeater that sends the notification. I’ll keep testing


wires do not run out, but a channel can override a wire.


I’m not using any channels throughout the entire system. I’ll keep testing.


So what is the whole issue? Like a wire is not working or is conflicting with another wire?

The whole issue is that I’m not receiving compensation if the vending machine can’t upgrade the gadget. I’m trying to figure out why and I have some leads.

you can do when purchased, despawn this vending machine and spawn this one, the second being the high gagdet. Because you cant upgrade it like you think.

The system I’m using is as follows:

Check for Common gadget
If they have the common gadget, grant -1 of that item (remove it) and grant 1 Uncommon of that gadget
If they DON’T have the common gadget, check if they have the uncommon gadget – and so on with four gadgets

It does “upgrade” my gadgets to an extent, which I’m still trying to figure out.

It’s 1 “Upgrade” vending machine.

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Ok, so where exactly is the error happening? when they get granted an item?

I’m not sure where the error is happening, but somewhere when it’s running the system, it’s not bringing a signal from one gadget to another, which makes me think the wires could be stopped from continuing by some global limit.

I would say this, if you are having the scan section scan for a common device, and and then a uncommon, etc so it can scan for it to upgrade, it may be doing it all at the same time, this making a conlfict between the systems.

It does one after the other. If it can’t find a common gadget, only then it will move on to try and find an uncommon gadget, and so on. It should only be pulsing once. I’ll keep testing for now and come back to this once I figure out why this is happening.

Why is this off topic?

Thats your issue, it should pulse more than once, it should every time and item is purchased and everyfew seconds after to see for gagdets to know what to upgrade.

I will change that.
Edit: Done

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