Do people like tycoon games or simulator?

I want my game to bl0w up and I don’t know which one to do


Do what ever you want! I personally like tycoon games.

also where can I have people play test my tycoon game?



If they’re blocked, tell me. I know a site.

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yea they both blocked

Use this. - fast and easy to use web proxy |

Let me give u advice, splash some blocks everywhere then get a random image from google and it will have a higher chance of getting on trending than a map that has tons of effort put into.

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Type the URL in, and it will take you to the website.

Like, here is the URL for WIX

yea the wix, padlet and the other link u gave me is blcoked

So, did you put into

Wait. Is blocked?


Well, you’re screwed. I don’t know what else to tell you. Sorry.:disappointed:

bruh hi there.

I see you want to know for an idea

Down here
Downer here
Downerer here
keep going
dig dig dig
almost there
goooo you can do it

YAY! you came here legend! Do both it will be good.

you can always ping me i can try for you