Dive/Punch/Grab/Attack/Interact button

Assuming everything in Mario GKC mode works the same as RPG GKC mode, how would I make an attack button? No animation, no rush on this post, it just needs to do everything that is listed in the title.

Is this “attack” a close-ranged shot (assuming)?

We do not have any confirmation of what devices are going to get released, or if existing devices can be used in the new game mode format. If the latter…

You could probably use gadgets or a coordinate system, but that would either be hard to replicate physics or be memory intensive.

If the former…
I honestly have no idea, but I’m guessing no since there weren’t any enemies or options other than the jump mechanics.


This post uses a invisible sentry bug and you could have the tag zone be activated by the overlay that then when the sentry is destroyed by the tag zone it sends a pulse

No, that would be easy. The attack should be as close to actual punching as possible.

A tag zone with an overlay. How quickly the overlay is pressed determines what the attack is.

Oh, you mean the motion as well?

No, no animation, just effects.