[Discarded post, please do not reply]

oh i dint even use that guide tho

I recomend you inlcude photos to add length to your guide because right now it is to short to be a guide.

Try to finish editing your guides before you post them @DriftUknown_YT

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im still editing so plz dont judge

oh okay i will next time

I am not judging, i am accually trying to help you by giving you advise to prevent you from getting flagged.

oh ok! tytytytyty so much

No problem, but let me know if you have anymore questions, or need more help!

hey im going to draft it and then finish it and then post again

Are you reposting or updating this guide?

repoost cuz i want more ppl to see it

also how to repost it cuz idk

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Just make virtually the same thing and then post it.

By the way, there is no repost button on the forum because it would probably qualify as spam.

wowie pow who knwe BUMP.

You’re not able to bump something until The last reply was 5 days before your bump. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

You can bump it whenever you want but… it’s recommended you do it after seven days

key word AFTER shimy ahh shimy ahh

no i lost all my progress!

@DriftUknown_YT, please mark a solution to close this topic.