Disappearing Devices

So hi… So every time I leave my game I press the save button but when I log back on always at least 1 device is missing like what the heck, and also I copy and pasted the devices and I copied two but one of them is missing and the other not

Um try restarting device
Update device
Clear cache
Once you have tried doing all of this contact gimkit but keep in mind gimkit is in beta release and bugs should be expected…also i had the same type of problem…it may just be the device you are using is not very compatible with gmk (i figured that out as well in the similar situation)

oh yea and there is a prop where I did not place it

ok bye for like 4 mins

Hoi I’m back . :rage: the game just deleted another device

could you send me screenshots?
wait is it fixed? or do you not want more help?

it’s not fixed
and here are the screenshots:

here is the chair that I did not place

could you send me screenshots? and i have a question is it just for that map?
…and did you give it ample time to save (Like 1 minute) and what is memory usage…(sorry for all the questions but any of this could be the solution/problem)

ummm I dont know I’ve been working on this map for a long time

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