Disabling a Sentry's weapon without disabling the sentry [🟩 0/10]


(As of my knowledge) This feature only works in Platformer mode.

Comment if you find a way in Top-Down

This guide is informational, some might know about this feature, others might not.

Wouldn’t we all like the option to delete a sentry’s weapon? In most maps people just place a clear barrier over their sentry, the weapon isn’t disabled just blocked, and the sentry can’t move, resulting in a static interaction.
But what if the sentry could still pivot without being able to harm you…

Step 1. Place a zone down on the ground. The only thing you will change is Gadget Fire, set that to Not Allowed In Zone.
Step 2. Place a sentry down, but wait, not in the zone. Rather, slightly above the zone (This is why Platformer is used because we need gravity)

This has to be in Platformer because the sentry CANNOT spawn in the zone, or it will not work (or so I know) In Top-Down a sentry cannot really be forced into a zone (again, or so I know)

With this new, or not so new information, have fun creating your maps.

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please don’t criticize meeeee


wait wut

can you enable a zone over a sentry in top-down

would that work

I tried that, for me it didn’t work not even with triggers activating it a couple seconds after game start, but you can try if you like.


a sentry can slide off barriers right (in platformer)

They can if it is angled, not if it is flat.

yay sentry transportation.

if sentries can go through teleporters…

They can, I’ve made one in platformer get stuck in an endless falling loop >:)
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This helps a lot :0

for top down make the zone not active on game start and make him spawn in that zone then place a weapon and make it where when he’s knocked out it activates the zone so when he respawns back in he cant fire

Screenshot 2024-07-01 3.26.56 PM

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Yeah, gravity and teleporters can make weird combinations if you monkey with it. I once made a thing that only round gims can get through so if you were like Presento you could not… but shortly after it was changed and did not work…

Oh so you could just activate laser, right?

you could use this for something like a boss where (okay I know this is not the best reference) but like that one spell Harry Potter casts to disarm them .

well a laser might not work cause it will keep respawning the bot

But I have tested what I said early and it works so you can do it for top down

what would happen if you had sentry’s endlessly falling into a waterfall of lasers and do they have collision with platformer (sorry just asking)

this is a really cool discovery!


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