"Dig It Up" bug

well he is now because of his user name,

hey wolftechnology can you make me a thumbnail?

LMAO did you ban him?

what do you want it to be?

I need It to have a couple of gims fighting with the weapons, and have like a secret room in the backround

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i have a question: Can you see the map you published on Gimkit or no?

Idk have you published a map yet agent_j

yes if you search up your games description you will find it, and @ShadowTree87 will do just give me a bit of time to earn my gimbucks and to make the thumbnail.

ok thank you so much! its my first map and I wanted it to be good.

and one more question. How do you change PFP?

I could not find out how

I’m not sure what to do, maybe try to reset the gme?

mine glitched when i was playing

Happened to me as well

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And description.

i know the bug, it happens when your building up, if you get to a spot blocked off by the permit and build in i, those blocks can’t be mined (even if you purachesed it before hand it still happens) and i have no fix which means i can’t recover blocks when im just placing 4 up mining all the ones underneath and contuine going up (you can lose a lowest of 3 blocks in those areas)


well after testing it again to make sure it actully is random and more becuase of lag (i tested by logging on 4 people from the doc im on to play) and i tried it without people and it is the how well you internet is working, and how many people are sending packets