Different endings based on call to action

Hi! In my jailbreak game, after you make it into the dock area, there are some gas canisters, and with a popup device, you can either blow up the prison by lighting them on fire or take them with you. Taking them with you is the correct choice, I want to make it so when your leaving on a boat you need more fuel. if you brought it with you then you had it, and if you blew it up then a notification says “Whats that you don’t have any fuel” "mabye you should have brought the gas with you. I don’t want the notifcation to send if you clicked the correct call to action? Thanks for anyhelp.

Just use the if check failed send on ___ channel and don’t do anything if succeed. (I think you can do the same thing with vending machines)

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what is the checker checking?

When you get the option to take the gas canisters with you, make it so that call to action button grants you an item. Make the checker check if you have more than 0 of that item.

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