Device Options: Reference

This is a reference for editing options.

Camera Zoom: Zoom out to see more in edit mode

This setting controls how much you can see in edit mode.

Player Collision:
Disabling the option allows you to phase through walls.
Enabling this option gives objects colision.

Player Speed
This option controls how fast the player goes.

Grid Snap
When enabled, it will snap on to a certain place.
Higher numbers mean bigger but less precise alignment.
Lower numbers mean smaller alignment.

Show Grid
This can be used to show your map in a grid format.
This can be useful for grid snap.

Zone Device Display
Visible: zones are completely visible.
Borders Only: only the borders are visible.
Off: zones are invisible.

Memory Bar
When enabled, memory percentage is shown at all times.


mmm this is helpful!


Yeah, this will be very helpful for newer users!


Aren’t all guides supposed to do that? Seems a bit redundant to confirm what users are already expecting their guide to be like (hopefully). Nice guide is fine, I just think this specific phrase is used a ton and its starting to get on my nerves.

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This will be very helpful for people new to GIMKIT creative.

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